I have always had a love affair with peregrines and they are still, to this day, my favorite falcon.  There is something about the way they look in the air; the fluidity of their movements, and their gentle aloofness... offset by their intensely aggressive nature.  I have spent a lifetime studying, conserving and admiring them.  Some of my most powerful and intimate moments have been in the presence of peregrines.

     I breed peregrines because I like to fly them.  I fly mainly prairie grouse over open terrain, and so I need a falcon that is large, fast and smart...one that is motivated and loves to fly.  It has been my goal to select breeders based on these qualities.  What matters most to me is whether the falcon was a “natural”.... whether or not it was an extraordinary falcon, because not all falcons are created equal!  As a falcon breeder I would like to think that all of my falcons are the best (ha!), but the truth is that only a few falcons I have produced are in this elite category.  These are the ones I attempt to breed.

     My goal in breeding peregrines is simple…to pick the best game hawks that I produce and outcross them with select unrelated lines.  I breed pure Peales as well as my “Three Sister’s” line of peales x anatums.  All young peregrines are raised by two parents, out of sight of people until hard penning to ensure proper socialization and development.  Please check out the photos of some of the peregrines I have produced over the years (below).  Call or email me for details, availability and current pricing.

                    Cissy_on_sgrouse.jpg (96457 bytes)  Kevin Thompsons' Thunder.jpg (64550 bytes)  tiercel peregrine 670g.JPG (83827 bytes)  Aerial92  Cissy & sage grouse  Cissy & sharptail.JPG (122490 bytes)  Jim Rimszas' peregrine    Tom Mutchler's Salem on sharptail    Tiercel peregrine on snow goose he killed  Kevin & Thunder  Kevin and Hope.JPG (150352 bytes)  Hope & sharptail - 1050g parent raised      Delilah 94.jpg (134934 bytes)  Mvc-055s.jpg (45148 bytes)  tiercel_per.jpg (56366 bytes)  Dehlia__3tiercel_675g.jpg (70637 bytes)  Dehlia_tiercel....690g.jpg (78107 bytes)  9_Cissy_female.jpg (77483 bytes)  10_Delilah_female.jpg (81195 bytes)  DUCK  Cissy-Female-2001  Tiercel-from-Dehlia-2001  dehlia-female-2001  Aerial-tiercel-2001.jpg (79436 bytes)  Scott-Coleman-and-new-tiercel  Delilah-female-peregrine-20                                                                       

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