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Welcome to Hollister Longwings.  My name is Bob Hollister and I’m glad you’ve found my newly updated site. I have been breeding falcons since 1987 and have been a falconer since the age of 13 (I am 55). Falcons have always been my passion and obsession. My background is in wildlife biology, raptor research, teaching, music and yoga. I live on a small ranch in south-central Montana in a solar home I designed and built. I have been living “off the grid” for 15 years now, producing my own power from the wind and sun. My falcon breeding facility is powered totally from these renewable energy sources. My life has been grounded in a philosophy of sustainability, conservation, and a deep respect for all things, and my ranch and breeding project reflect these concerns. This approach, combined with first rate facilities, meticulous care, and 25 years experience enable me to produce world class hunting falcons.

I am a C.I.T.E.S. registered breeder of Gyrfalcons and Peregrines.  I am an experienced international exporter.  To my friends here in the U.S. and around the world who have flown my falcons and who have shared their falconry passion with me, I express my deepest gratitude. To those new to the site, I hope you enjoy it and consider one of my falcons as your next hunting companion.

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Hollister Longwings
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